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New Rules For Golf?

This morning, the Golf Channel debuted a new series in order to help make golf more fun for the every day golfer and the first thing that was addressed was the rules of the game.

Now, it’s no secret that the rules of golf can be long, confusing, and some are no longer even practical for the game anymore. The game has evolved so much since the days of Bobby Jones, but for the most part, the rules have stayed the same.

In the day that we all live in, most people don’t have four or five hours to play a round of golf and the rules are a big part of what is slowing the game down. So, to help speed up the game, here are the seven new “Relaxed Rules of Golf” that they featured.

1. Maximum Score: Whatever the par for the hole is, the max score should be double that (6 on par 3s, 8 on par 4s, etc.). If you have hit that maximum number before hitting the green pick up your ball and move to the next hole.

2. Penalties: Keep it simple. Doesn’t matter what the penalty is, it’s one stroke. Hit your ball out of bounds? 1 stroke. Hit it in the water? 1 stroke. Unplayable lie? 1 stroke. Keeps it simple and easier to add up your score. Also, just drop the ball where closest to where it went out and play on.

3. Search Time: Spending a lot of time looking for a lost ball will slow down the pace of play for not only you and your group but the group behind you as well. To help speed everything up, take two minutes to find your ball and then move on. If after two minutes you still can’t find your ball simply revert back to rule 2, drop another ball, and keep playing.

4. Unfortunate Lies: Hey, we are not on the PGA Tour so in certain situations there is no need to play like we are. This is a prime example. As long as your playing partner is ok with it, feel free to move your ball from a divot, foot print, tree root, or possible dangerous line.

5. Conceded Putts: That two footer that you have left? Go ahead and pick it up….as long as your playing partner is ok with it of course.

6. Equipment: Once again, we are not playing on the PGA Tour. Therefore there is no reason we need to restrict our bags to only 14 clubs. If more clubs will help you be more successful then by all means put them in the bag. Same goes for range finders and all other equipment that might not be allowed on the professional ranks.

7. Common Sense: When in doubt about a ruling, use common sense and fairness.

Hopefully, if you follow these seven simple rules you will have more fun out on the course next time you tee it up.

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