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Aveo Brings Golf Fashion to the Big and Tall Market


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Up to this point, if you were a golfer that was in the market for big and tall golf clothing your options were limited. Most golf apparel companies don’t cater to the big and tall golfer and as a result there haven’t typically been many options when it came to golf fashion for the big and tall golfer.

Enter Aveo Golf.

Aveo is the first company to be focused solely on the big and tall golfer with fashionable golf apparel for golfers of all heights and weights. Their slogan, “Providing well-constructed, fashionable, and comfortable solutions for the Big golfer, the Tall golfer, and the Big and Tall Golfer” sums up the company and what they have set out to accomplish perfectly.

46% of all golfers are overweight, while 15-20% of all male golfers are 6 feet tall or taller per the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics, yet most golf apparel companies don’t offer many options when it comes to outfitting these golfers. As a result, Aveo is now in the position to become the only national golf brand focused 100% on the Big and Tall golfer.

Nobody knows the struggle of finding golf clothes for the Big and Tall golfer more than Aveo Co-Founders Darius Hicks and Randy Peaches. In fact, Hicks (who lists himself at 6 foot 4 inches and 300lbs) created Aveo almost by accident. He created a pair of shorts to “look the part” when he participating in an LPGA Pro Am. He received so many inquiries about the shorts that he created the brand, additional styles, and began to test the concept.

Aveo offers different styles of golf pants and shorts ranging from sizes 38-46 and all their pants and shorts are available in white, khaki, black, and blue and feature a hidden comfort flex stretch waistband, more full thigh & slightly widened calf/ankle in the pants, and fabrics that are more friendly to the Big and Tall golfer. In addition to the pants and shorts Aveo will be releasing a line of golf polos in January. The shirts will be available in red, white, and navy and will be offered in sizes extra large and tall, 2extra big, 2 extra tall, 3 extra big, 3 extra tall, and 4 extra big.

Aveo is currently available at Golfsmith retailers and golfsmith.com, dickssportinggoods.com, and online retailer TGW. For more information on Aveo Golf visit them at www.aveogolf.com.

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